Shoot Festival

Shoot Festival took place on Sat Nov 22nd at The Shop Front Theatre in the City Arcade, Coventry. We created it as a platform for Coventry’s emerging artists to come together and have an opportunity to perform for an audience in their home town. There is no platform like this in Coventry and so we believe it is crucial for the cities artistic development.

This years Shoot Festival was supported by O2 Think Big, Coventry City Council and Arts Council England. We welcomed over 250 people through the doors of Shop Front and the event was entirely free and un-ticketed for all meaning we opened up the event to absolutely anyone who wished to attend.

The main successes of Shoot Festival 2014:

  • PLAINBringing together artists in the area – creating a platform/network.
  • Keeping the event FREE.
  • The diverse round of performances we brought together.
  • The diverse audience we welcomed to the festival.
  • The local businesses we supported in the process (Teahan Cakes, Acorn Printing).
  • The positive and relaxed atmosphere throughout the event, as shown in our audience feedback forms.
  • Providing talks from successful local artists/organisations – Talking Birds, Theatre Absolute, Highly Sprung.
  • A positive response from spectators who said ‘this is what Coventry needs’

We are excited about what we have achieved this year and really look forward to what we can achieve in the years to come.



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