Nothing! – Audience Feedback

At the end of the night spectators were asked to fill out a survey form leaving comments about the event it self and the three performances they had seen. What follows are audience members views on Nothing! and then of the whole event beneath that.


“Nothing was excellent. Everything was rehearsed great. It was on cue with actions from pre-recorded parts. Would very much enjoy seeing it again”

“The last performance [Nothing!] was charming precise and wonderful”

“Paul was so funny. Great Dancing”

“Stand out show was Paul O’Donnell, really strong, diverse, entertaining and thoughtful.”


“Pauls show: Loved it! Like watching what happened to Michael Keaton after Multiplicity”

“The Paul’s were very entertaining, but who was that guy in the middle?”

“Paul, he was great”

“Especially loved the final act”

IMG_5713Views on the whole event:

“Fantastic visual elements, really utilising the theatre’s potential. Some cracking emerging artists having the chance to perform here had made for some brilliant entertainment. All three shows were different and great in their own right”

“Very engaging, very clever, thought provoking”

“Each piece was very informing and interesting. The second two were particularly entertaining and grasped my attention. I felt that they drew me in with comic and high energised performances along with the underlying messages they gave.”

“I loved all three shows”

“Interesting range of diverse performances. Beautifully crafted and honed performances. Lots of lines were learnt!

“All 3 shows were completely different but all brilliant in their own right. Fantastic evening!

“Majestic and captivating, to funny and awkwardly amusing, I think everyone did a smashing job!”

Very good. Good fun and great time. Fantastic evening”

“A nice variety of performances. Good to see some ambitious usage of technology!”

“An extremely impressive, varied collection of work. Visualisation, comedy and honesty were all accessible.”

“Beautiful and varied selection of acts. Effective order of shows, really built up to a euphoric climax.”

“All 3 of the shows were really strong and I would see them again once they’ve been developed more. They all left me wanting to see more!”


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