Nothing! for Works Ahead

Current Show Copy:

Cataloguing a history of failures to impress — his mum, his dad, his peers — Paul foresees that nothing will please you… He will dance, he will sing, he will clown, he will become an angelic chorus… all in an escalating attempt to please you, the audience.

A tragi-comic exploration of the insecurity of the performer.


 The Process:

The process was a tricky one, predominately because the show was very video based. So a lot of my attention was directed towards working on filming, or editing, or waiting for the ‘blummin’ videos’ to buffer. I would like to, now that the performance has been shown it in its current state, work more upon the text that links the videos together, and how they can mutate and grow the concept of the piece as the show goes on.

IMG_5118I have worked primarily with Peader Kirk (@peaderkirk) on this project and was very grateful for his support, and for being an outside eye throughout the project. A great amount of support was received from the hÅb arts team, particularly Tamsin Drury and John Franklin, as well as from the producing interns Tom Burford and Afreena Islam.

On top of this, I am also very appreciative of the Contact Theatre team, particularly Matt Fenton, as well as the technicians who were key in the light design and video programming work, Lee Grey and Alex Willy.

The process still has a long way to go, and I am looking forward to seeing how he can continue to Work Ahead in this performance.



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