Dominoes – Becoming an expert block layer!

I’ve never considered myself to have the physical capabilities to ever become a builder, but over the past couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Station House Opera in the creation of their fantastic art installation entitled Dominoes, and now perhaps I could see myself as ‘the building type’ Continue reading


Dominoes Gallery

A few images, taken by spectators, for Dominoes by Station House Opera as part of Coventry Mysteries Festival which I was involved in the process and creation of making.

Nothing! for Works Ahead

Current Show Copy:

Cataloguing a history of failures to impress — his mum, his dad, his peers — Paul foresees that nothing will please you… He will dance, he will sing, he will clown, he will become an angelic chorus… all in an escalating attempt to please you, the audience.

A tragi-comic exploration of the insecurity of the performer.

Nothing!Link: Continue reading