Nothing! – Works Ahead

‘I hope you are ready for ‘it’, ‘this’, ‘Nothing!”

Just recently I have been delighted to have received commission and support from Word of Warning Manchester to create a new solo performance Nothing! for their performance event WorksAhead (WoAh) at Contact Theatre, May (8th + 9th).

Nothing! is very much in development at the moment but its current premise lies in observing a vulnerable performer (me) who has come on stage to prove, to himself most of all, that he is still a ‘something’, at least something more than ‘nothing’. He wants to be loved by the audience, he wants to be worshipped by then, but most of all he just wants to know that they know he is there, and that he holds some sort of importance.

The content of the performance currently plays with pre-recorded and live material, in particular in making multiple versions of myself visible on stage. As the performers vulnerability grows through out the piece, so does his need to multiply himself and create other ‘Pauls’ who will tell him how wonderful he is. These Pauls will comfort him, they will support him, and oh yes… they will dance for him:

I hope that you will enjoy Nothing!

New Picture (35)


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