Rural Touring Double Bill

On 13th and 15th November 2013, as part of the Cheshire Rural Touring Scheme, I had the pleasure of performing alongside Sleepwalk Collective as part of a double bill, in two rural environments in Cheshire.

The first night I performed in the Congleton Electric Picture House, which was a converted warehouse now standing as a small arts hub in Rural Cheshire. The performance was very well received from audience members here, in fact I got called for an en core at the end of it which is a first. A few commented that they wanted the performance to go on a bit longer, which I guess is always a good sign.

On the second night we moved to a beautiful and small town just north of Northwich called Great Budworth. We performed in the town hall to an audience of 60 people, which was a large amount for the intimate venue we were performing in. In this venue the opening dance routine happened within three windows along the wall, spectators mentioned that this reminded them of a film strip which I found very interesting.


Tweets from Claire Smith, the Scheme Manager for Cheshire Rural Touring and Sleepwalk Collective:

New Picture (4)New Picture (3)


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